The Snake Pit British Championships 2023 - Snakepit Wigan


Robin Park Leisure Centre, Loire Drive, Newtown, Wigan, WN5 0UL


Bantam weight 59kg

1st: Gareth Melia

2nd: Lewis Robinson

Light weight 68kg

1st: Alex King Zhang

2nd: Leo Hawthorn

3rd: Raees Qurban

Welterweight 74kg

1st: Ben Robson

2nd: Allaeldein Elmaghrabi

3rd: George Fasey

Middleweight 82kg

1st: Johnny White

2nd: Luke Evans

3rd: Jack Woodard

Light Heavyweight 90kg

1st: Adam Berry

2nd: Marcus Whitehead

3rd: Liam Smedley

Heavyweight 100kg

1st: Wade Barrick

2nd: Craig Hartley

3rd: Alan Glover

Super Heavyweight 100+kg

1st: Khizar Rehman

2nd: Leigh Horne

3rd: Adam Wheatley


Snake Pit are keen to develop Catch wrestling. This not only includes fighters but also officials. (Referees, timekeepers, commentators etc) If you are interested in becoming involved as an official please email