Accreditation - Snakepit Wigan

To help preserve pure Catch Wrestling, we now offer Accreditation courses.

Each Accreditation course will cover a specific list of techniques, that are taught exactly how our Head Coach Roy Wood was taught by his coach, Billy Riley.

These will vary from throws, to submissions, to mat wrestling techniques.

The courses will run over 5 days, with a Morning & Afternoon session.

You will be assessed on all the techniques. In order to pass & earn your Accreditation certificate, each technique you demonstrate needs to follow all the steps listed in the manual book.

Please note, these courses run in chronological order, starting from Level 1, and you cannot skip a level.

A manual book is also required for this course, which will cover the techniques step by step, and also be used to monitor your progress during the course.

For any more information, please contact