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The Snake Pit Mission

Welcome to all. If you have got this far I can only assume that you have a love for Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling. Well you are right at home! We are passionate about Catch and it’s in our blood and our shared passion for the sport brings us together. Our roots trace back to Riley’s Gym in Wigan, United Kingdom, the historic coal mining town where some of the greatest wrestlers in the world originated.

Well the good news is we are looking for the next generation to keep Catch alive. Catch is at risk of being forgotten as there are only a few remaining people in the world who carry the knowledge of the sport, a sport which goes back to the earliest of times and was about to be forgotten. The time is now and we are taking action!

That’s right this is where the UK revival kicks off! Roy Wood has agreed to coach Catch to a select group of people who can be trusted to not dilute, change or distort the original sport of Catch. He wants to get this ball rolling quickly as at the age of 70+ he has a lifetime of knowledge to give out and is acutely aware that this information needs to be passed to the right hands. The good news is…. Roy is the fittest 70 odd year old man you will ever meet and when you see him on the mat demonstrating throws, take downs and submissions we promise you … you will be in awe. This sport is not for the faint hearted or for spectators. It is for only those willing to have a “no holds barred” attitude and willing to get on the mat and speak through their actions not their words. If that’s you then …a huge welcome from Coach Roy Wood. Feel free to browse the rest of this website and ultimately submit your application to attend The Snake Pit Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling seminars.

Aspull Wrestling Club

Aspull Wrestling Club is based at the Snake Pit and is the freestyle wrestling element of the training offered at our facility.

For many years, AWC has been held in high regard across the world and have had their club members and the team successfully compete in many countries including South Africa, Bulgaria, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Ukraine to name but a few.

AWC prides itself on its inclusive policies and has children as young as five years of age who can come and enjoy the sessions. It is the only club that welcomes many children with disabilities and shows that there is a place for everyone to join in sport.

The standards of the club led to it being one of the first clubs to be awarded Clubmark, a kitemark status that represents the high level coaching, facilities, organisation and policies that govern the club and make it the outstanding club it is known to be.

Numerous awards have been given for recognition of the club and it’s members including Coach of The Year Awards going to three of the coaches at the club.

Here are some comments from our members

“As a former marine I’ve always loved to keep fit and I heard about the Snake Pit and thought I would give it a go. I love it! Love the sport, the atmosphere, the lads and love the fact that there are no egos (well apart from mine but my coach doesn’t let me get away with anything so straightens me up before it creeps in!) … Joking aside we all just get on the mat and do our best with a respect for one another.. it’s my gym and I’m loyal to my coach Roy and to the Snake Pit … Wouldn’t learn Catch anywhere else” –


“I find the atmosphere at Wigan really friendly. there are no egos and everyone is made to feel welcome. Roy is possibly the most knowledgable coach I’ve had as well as being a great friend. I just love the history of Catch wrestling! –

Ian Bromley (R.I.P.)

“I have wrestled for years at the club and love to be a part of it, the history, the team and all that they stand for. They are like family to me. The standard of wrestling is second to none. In a predominantly male sport, I have never once as a female been made to feel uncomfortable, quite the opposite, The Snake Pit lead the way in encouraging females and I am proud to be part of the team and was very proud this year to win the world championships in my weight division. I would love to see some more girls come and train as I know if they tried it once for the first time that they would be hooked!” –


“As a female wrestler and having wrestled from being a child I can honestly say it has been an incredible part of my character building and my journey so far. It gave me confidence that I lacked when I was younger, it gave me a family in the form of the best team you could ever wish for and it gave me a place where I belonged and still belong. I took time out when I had my daughter but have since made comeback and the moment I walked back into the gym it felt like home! To then win the World Championships is one of my greatest achievements and I look forward to defending my title in 2019.” –