Kev Lloyd - Snakepit Wigan
Kev Lloyd

I absolutely love the sport of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling.

I originally started out as a Professional Wrestler, and I was advised to go and train at the Snake Pit, to learn the origins of prowrestling; which was catch wrestling.

I had already dabbled in a few other grappling sports, but the fast pace style of Catch wrestling had me hooked!

And seeing the history of the gym, and learning of some of the greats who have come through the doors, I knew I was in right place to learn the sport.

Roy’s coaching over the years has been fantastic, teaching us exactly how he was taught by his coach.  From his tough conditioning sessions, to his technical master classes.

It is an absolute honour to be working now with the Snake Pit, helping pass on Roys coaching, and to help the sport of Catch Wrestling grow.