Catch Wrestling World Championships 2022 - Snakepit Wigan
Catch Wrestling World Championships 2022


Premier Suite – The University of Bolton Stadium, De Havilland Way, Bolton, BL6 6SF


Lightweight – 68kg  Winner:  Brett Hawthorn


Welterweight – 74kg  Winner:  Tommy Hawthorn


Middleweight – 82kg  Winner:  John Hathaway


Light Heavyweight – 90kg  Winner: Bobby Warde


Heavyweight – 100kg  Winner: Owen Livesey


Super Heavyweight – 100kg+  Winner: Chris Lomas


The Ian Bromley Cup – Best Male Wrestler of the Night: Tommy Hawthorn



The Nathan Tully Award – for dedication to Grassroots/Paying It Forward: Greg Crompton



The Jack Carroll Award – Fastest Win (pin or sub): John Hathaway


Thank you to the Sport Rehabilitation students from the University of Salford, for their work on the night, and looking after the Wrestlers in between matches

The Officials

Snake Pit are keen to develop Catch wrestling. This not only includes fighters but also officials. (Referees, timekeepers, commentators etc) If you are interested in becoming involved as an official please email