BUNDLE 3x Seminars 2024 - Snakepit Wigan

BUNDLE 3x Seminars 2024


Discount Bundle x 3 seminars

We are running 3 seminars during the year to give wrestlers the chance to come together and learn pure Catch from the best. We are the home of Catch wrestling and we believe that “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”


Seminar 1: Leg Attack Seminar (23/03/23

Seminar 2: Underhook & Overhook Seminar (22/06/23)

Seminar 3: Set Ups & Finishes (21/09/23)


All 3 costs £150!!

Should be £225


Train with the best, be the best.

All abilities are welcome and we have coaches there who can support different levels of ability.

Each seminar title will detail what is covered.

No refund / Credit Note without 28 days notice