11AM – 1PM

Seminars cover a wide range of techniques from take downs to pin and submission techniques. They are an intense 2 hours and a lot of material is covered during that time. There is a maximum numver permitted per class to ensure that those attending get plenty time and support throughout the session.

They are delivered by Roy Wood but there are other Snake Pit approved coaches there to be on hand to help. Because of this, it allows the session to cover from basic to advanced techniques allowing all wrestlers to fully benefit from the session. We run 8 seminars per year and there is more than enough material covered to allow drilling prior to the next seminar to ensure progression. The manuals also are very helpful inbetween sessions to provide a visual step by step reminder.

They also contain the checklist used for wrestling assessments detailing the finer details (also covered during the seminars) to ensure that the techniques are done to perfection.